Promo Chopstix Extra Discount 25% All Menu With Go Food and Grab Food

Welcoming September with Promo Chopstix! Make your September be even more delightful with these menu from Go Food and Grab Food promo.

  • CERIA 1 – Paket Nasi Telur Baso Geprek Rp 29.500
  • CERIA 2 – Paket Nasi Telur Baso Raos Rp 29.500
  • CERIA 3 – Nasi Goreng Kampung Rp 45.000
  • CERIA 4 – Mie Dok Dok Rp 40.000

Don’t forget to get additional discount with Grab Food promo code:

for extra 25% off, or Rp 25.000 voucher cart discount for Go Food user as well!

This Grab Food and Go Food promo valid from 7-13 September 2020.

promo chopstix extra discount 25 percent all menu with go food and grab food

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